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welcome to the new age

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sebastian stan in the cinematic masterpiece of our generation

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Sebastian Stan at the world premiere of Captain America

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This cost me $7 and zero regrets.


So I was on TV Tropes, and I found this beautiful thing…

That’s it, those are the books. Please read them.


leerun said: yis but how does that help you.


i was thinking i could drop all the stuff i have off but i think i know where my action reply thing is so i’ll probably end up using it again to get most of my stuff back

ahh. I didn’t realise that wild world had wifi stuff.

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That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.

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It would be nice if Winnick came back, but not as dark. I’m glad Morrison was able to get Jason in Batman Inc.

But RHATO will be around for awhile. Scott is coming back to the title.

Jason will be in Batman Eternal, which is written by Tynion and Seely (that scares me)

But still I hope you gave issue 29 and 30 a shot.

I’m putting it back on my list to read and I’ll catch up soon, but with Scott coming back I’m not sure how much point there is.

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So what Jason would you prefer?

What I want is for Winnick to take him back. Hell, I’d even take Morrison back. I mean sure, he had a stupid costume, but at least he was interesting and consistent.

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Okay, it’s 2014, I’m ready for Red Hood and the Outlaws to be obliterated from existence, thanks.

Jason Todd deserves so much more than that piece of trash book.

What do you find wrong with it?
Scott’s run was fun, Tynion did kill it, but Will Pfeifer made it fun again in issue 29 and 30.

Jason and Roy are awesome, Kori is the powerhouse. (Please tell me you at least read DC Universe Presents:19 Arsenal)

The characterisation of Jason absolutely killed it for me. Sure, Lobdell’s run was fun, if more than a little dumb, but the next volumes just sucked the life right out of it. It could have gone in such a better direction, but the whole series ended up shallow and stupid.

sebastian sassy mcsass pants stan

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"I’m gonna keep smilin’ for you, man.

Even if you’re not around.”

im a wreck im a wreck im a huge sobbing wreck im so sorry

/flies to sun

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